Who is Einstein Retirement Workshops? Einstein Retirement Workshops is an organization who focuses on providing information to the public about Social Security Benefits, taxes and retirement offering guidance and support as available. We offer live workshops in various settings such as libraries, community centers, and universities. Are we affiliated with the Social Security Administration? No. Einstein Retirement Workshops and its presenters are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration or any other government organization or entity. Who will be presenting at the workshop? Our presenters are professionals in various industries including but not limited to, Attorneys, CPA’s, and Financial Advisors. All presenters, regardless of industry, utilize our specific informational presentation and are National Social Security Advisor or NSSA® Certified. What are the qualifications of the presenter? All presenters are National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) Certified which is a FINRA approved professional designation. Designation holders are required to complete the NSSA course, pass a proctored examination, a maintain continuing education requirements What is the cost for attendance? All workshops are free to attend for members of the public. What is the incentive for the presenter? We strictly prohibit all attempts to sell products or services at the live workshops. At the end of the event, the presenter may make an offer to provide a review or consultation at a subsequent meeting. At that time offer products or services that would generate a fee or commission. Your attendance to the workshop does not obligate you to engage the presenter in any service. Generally, you should find that the motivation of the presenter is to provide a service to the community and to grow their own practice. Who is COFE The Council of Financial Educators (COFE) A 501(c)3 corporation is an association of professionals from various financial services industry disciplines who are convinced that a clear understanding of a variety of financial tools and strategies is the first step toward making sound financial decisions regarding retirement. Our professionals understand the countless challenges and opportunities presented to retirees and pre-retires in today’s ever-changing world and feel a passion to help them navigate safely. Motivated by a desire to serve and a love for education, our professionals offer courses to anyone who has a desire to learn. Having the power of decades of real-world experience, our instructors clearly explain the opportunities and the limitations of various financial tools and strategies and provide a safe place for attendees to learn and understand. COFE offers educational classes available to the public. We understand that millions of people have questions like “what are my best options regarding the timing of my Social Security payment?” Or, “What’s the best way to take income from my IRA or 401(k)?” Countless people have no understanding whatsoever of the tax implications of their financial decisions and truly need an awareness of the tax liabilities awaiting them in retirement. Our financial professionals are educators first. They are committed to helping people develop personalized fiscal strategies that are best for their unique financial needs. Our financial professionals teach and answer questions in our classes. There are no sales pitches nor sales efforts allowed during any classroom discussion and each attendee is afforded every opportunity to learn various financial concepts and strategies in a fun, safe and light-hearted atmosphere.