Retirement Education. 

We have developed the most well reviewed financial education seminars. In cooperation with the Council of Financial Educators we've committed to helping Americans retire as comfortably and predictably as humanly possible.

A Community Mission

At Einstein Retirement Workshops our mission is to educate you on the many aspects of Social Security that most people simply don’t know about. We provide this education primarily through workshops held throughout the country for individuals and families who will be deciding about Social Security soon. If you attend one of our events, you will learn: · How to avoid the most common mistakes when filing for you Social Security Benefit. · How Divorce affects your Social Security benefits and if you may be entitled to more than what you may think. · How widow or widower benefits may be significantly improved by implementing specific filing strategies. · How to avoid excessive taxation of your Social Security benefit. · The many ways to claim Social Security. Our workshops are for informational purposes only. No financial product, tax, or legal service will be offered during our workshops.

Filing Rules

  • Early filing can begin as early as age 62 or age 60 for Widow/Widowers.  
  • All benefits are based upon your PIA (Primary Insurance Amount) or your spouse's PIA.  
  • The PIA can generally be found on your Social Security Statement on the front page, although this number is not always correct.  
  • Restricted Applications for spousal benefits are still available to individuals born before January 2, 1954.  
  • Ex-Spouse Social Security Benefits do not affect the benefits available to any other qualifying ex or current spouses to the spouse who's benefit is being used to generate ex-spouse benefits.  
  • Ex-spouses must have been married for 10 years to qualify (not contiguous).  
  • Benefits are calculated based upon the highest 35 years of earnings, working longer doesn't guarantee an increase in Social Security Benefits.  
  • There are no delayed retirement credits available for spousal benefits delaying past full-retirement age for spousal benefits will not result in any increases.  
  • Delayed retirement credits can be earned on a filers own work record up to age 70.  
  • Decreases for filing early are larger for spousal benefits than they are for filers who are filing on their own PIA.  
  • Social Security is taxed for the majority of retirees. The amount of taxes paid will depend on your Provisional Income (not AGI). The portion taxed, will not exceed 85% of benefits.  
  • Earnings tests will mandate a repayment of paid Social Security benefits if the recipient of such benefits earns more than the earnings threshold.

Our Professional Presenters

Einstein Retirement Workshops partners with professionals across multiple industries to provide valuable Social Security and Taxes and Retirement advice to filers. Social security law is more than 2600 pages and requires a level of care an expertise that many professionals do not currently possess. That is why we require all our partnered professionals to be designated as a National Social Security Advisor or NSSA® Certified. The NSSA® designation is the only college accredited designation for social security that exists. Because social security is so complex and filing correctly is so critical to the individuals successful retirement we only accept NSSA® designated individuals to even be considered for our national presenters. Interested professionals should first seek to be NSSA® certified. For more information on certification call us at: (248) 275-5903 or email to [email protected]

Estate & Elder Law Attorneys

CPAs and Accountants

Financial & Insurance Advisors

We encourage our partnered professionals to use our Retirement Planning Workshops as a way to give back to the community, build their own brand, and hopefully gain meaningful opportunities to grow their own business. Through providing valuable education to members of the community, many of our partnered professionals report to us that they have been able to gain new clients and increase their status in their community.